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The 3R model is designed to cater to highly skilled sports horses who are trained to participate in very high-intensity activity. The pre-exercise warm-up is significant as it helps to prevent strains and the painful contortion of cold muscles. The 3R is designed to ensure that the horse is warm and loose pre-exercise while offering repairing, therapeutic properties during post-exercise.

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Solariums provide equine light therapy that helps circulation and muscle elasticity for horses. Our model 3R horse solarium features three rows of high-quality infrared bulbs, ideal for horses who need some warmth after damp and wet training sessions. All of our horse solarium models either include heat lamps or infrared bulbs to increase horse performance, as well as to reduce potential illnesses such as colds. You can take a look at the video above to see just how it works. The 3R is made in the UK using solid stainless steel. The unit includes two power leads, which enables users to control the outer columns independently from the central row and vice-versa. The enclosed design of the canopy ensures that all the heat is retained within the structure and is reflected back to the ground to prevent heat loss. The design of the 3R also prevents the horse from entangling themselves and causing injury.

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